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Christmas is on its way, and it’s time to start thinking about what you’re going to get for your loved ones. If one of the people in your life is a puzzle lover, then HEXA-PLEX puzzles are just what they need.

Offering something different and innovative for any skill level they are sure to keep everyone who takes on the challenge entertained. The 74 hexagonal pieces means that each puzzle has 32,856 different combinations, so everyone can find their perfect challenge. Plus, these beautiful presentation boxes make an excellent storage place when not in use so that everything stays nice and neat at home or work. Here are reasons why these puzzles make such great Christmas presents.


HEXA-PLEX puzzles are a unique and challenging gift for anyone on your list. With the innovative HEXA-PLEX technology, these puzzles are sure to test even the most experienced puzzler’s skills. They make an excellent gift for any occasion, but they are especially perfect for Christmas. With so many days of holiday celebration ahead, these puzzles will provide hours of fun and entertainment. Best of all, they can be enjoyed by people of all ages. So whether you’re looking for a new challenge or want to keep the family entertained, HEXA-PLEX puzzles are a perfect choice. So give the gift of puzzling this Christmas with HEXA-PLEX.


HEXA-PLEX allows you to upload a special moments or memories and turn them into something special. Turning any photo into a piece of art the hexagonal shaped pieces create a stand out look when this puzzle is displayed on a wall or desk. Uniquely each piece can fit in any location on the board meaning that each puzzle has 32,856 different combinations. WOW.  This HEXA-PLEX technology creates a tactile experience which is just another part of making these puzzles unique and entertaining.

So why not add one (or more) of these unique puzzles to your Christmas list this year? They make perfect gifts for all ages, can be enjoyed by solo players or groups, and promise hours of fun and entertainment for everyone who tries them out.


HEXA-PLEX puzzles are the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves a challenge. Bespoke to your customisation create a unique gift like never before. Whether you are looking for a new puzzle to keep you occupied during the holiday season or want to give the gift of entertainment, HEXA-PLEX puzzles are sure to please. If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gift, look no further than HEXA-PLEX Puzzles.

THEY ARE great value

A HEXA-PLEX Puzzle is an excellent gift for the holidays because it is great value. These puzzles can be used again and again with no need to take up table space and the added benefit of enhancing any room either hung on the wall or displayed on a stand. You can purchase one for as little as £49.99, making it an great value compared to other personalised gifts.

Their intricate design makes them a beautiful addition to any home.

Each puzzle is made of the finest quality materials. The elegant finish gives each piece a modern look that will enhance any decor. HEXA-PLEX Puzzles are also educational and inspiring, encouraging problem-solving skills while developing patience and concentration in children and adults alike.


If you are looking for a fun, educational gift that will keep your family busy during the holiday season, there is no better option than HEXA-PLEX Puzzles. Not only do they make an excellent present but the entire family can enjoy them together in any combination of ages and abilities. With a little bit of creativity, these puzzles can be adapted to any situation, making them the perfect choice for any Christmas celebration. So don’t wait any longer and order your HEXA-PLEX Puzzles today. You will not regret it.