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Hexa-Plex 2D puzzles offer more than your typical puzzle games. First, there is the fun part, where you get to enjoy putting together or completing truly unique puzzle challenges. 

A typical puzzle game comes with interlocking pieces you can connect. Hexa-Plex 2D puzzles, on the other hand, have been designed to be more innovative, as they are magnetically attached to a substrate. This is where the second wonderful advantage comes in – the unique opportunity to display your finished work for all to see. This article will show you how you can do just that! 


The unique Hexa-Plex 2D puzzle design

You may be wondering how you can display your completed puzzle without the pieces falling off. As mentioned earlier, the pieces of this puzzle are designed to connect magnetically to a substrate. That means your completed puzzle has more complexity that allows you to display your finished work as a cherished possession or a piece of unique artwork in your home. 

You rest assured that your finished piece will add a unique twist to your overall interior space, as the puzzles are vibrant and elegantly tailored. So, how can you display your completed Hexa-Plex 2D puzzle? Here are a few ideas.


Stand them on a surface

You can place your unique piece of puzzle art on any preferred surface of your choice. All you have to do is stand the completed work on a supporting base to keep it in place and display it as a piece of finished art or your proud accomplishment. You can also let it stand on your shelf, center tables, bedside dresser, or any other place you’ll place your traditional picture frame. The advantage the Hexa-Plex 2D puzzle has over any picture frame is that you can complete the puzzle again and display a different finished result. 


Hang it on your wall

Your completed Hexa-Plex 2D puzzle can easily be the focal point in any home decor, only if you find the right place to showcase it. In many cases, your wall surface is an excellent option. But how can you pull this off? You can also try creating a custom photo frame to house your ‘puzzle art’ and make it easier to hang it on your wall, as you’ll do for any piece of framed art. 


With these creative ways of displaying your Hexa-Plex 2D puzzle, not only do you provide your home with a unique decor piece, but you also show off your accomplishment in style.