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HEXA-PLEX is hexagonal complex puzzles. The technology has been designed, created and patented in the UK by WOTCH Creations Ltd.’s founder Thomas Smith.

HEXA-PLEX is unique as the puzzles have no interlocking pieces instead, they are magnetically connected to a substrate.

This gives the puzzles complexity and allows them to be displayed as cherished possessions on a wall, desk, shelf, or mantel piece.

HEXA-PLEX allows the user to complete the puzzle display it and complete the puzzle again truly revolutionising the way we use puzzles.


How do I create a HEXA-PLEX puzzle?

HEXA-PLEX has its own bespoke puzzle customizer that allow you the freedom to upload a special image or multiple images to create you puzzle. Once uploaded you can tailor your puzzle adding TXT and effects to ensure it becomes the perfect gift or your own treasured item. The unique customizer also allows you to determine the difficulty of your puzzle allowing the avid puzzlers the opportunity to create a true challenge.


Why is a HEXA-PLEX puzzle such a special gift?

A HEXA-PLEX puzzle is a truly unique bespoke personalised gift. The opportunity to create and personalise a HEXA-PLEX puzzle means you are giving a memory that can be treasured and enjoyed over and over again. A HEXA-PLEX puzzle is delivered in a presentation box which gives the recipient a feeling of excitement for what’s inside. As they open the magnetic lid and reveal their customised puzzle their emotions are overwhelming. The A5 instruction card not only then tell them how they can enjoy this unique gift, but the reverse side has the image selected for their puzzle printed on as a guide when taking on this engaging challenge. Selecting where to display the HEXA-PLEX puzzle adds to the experience as they will want to share this gift with friends and family again and again.