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Meet Jahly the Sumatran Tiger

She Loves stalking Sialang and chasing careless pigeons and Dislikes- cold weather.

Take on the challange of this exquisit puzzle series.

Complete these bespoke images piece by piece bring the animals to life in your home.

Perfect for family fun.

These puzzles can be hung on the wall in a playroom to be used over and over again.



Jahly is a Sumatran Tiger

Sumatran Tigers are the smallest of all living tiger species. Only found in Sumatra.

Jahly is clearly the more confident of the two at Twycross zoo- and the one you’ve probably seen.

Often seen on her heated rock or on lookout on top of the glass viewing tunnel Jahly spends over 12 hours a day sleeping.

Curious, reasonably energetic Jahly loves stalking Sialang and chasing careless pigeons. She may look orange to us but she actually looks green or grey to her favourite prey deer which helps her get close enough when hunting.


The quality of this 2D Puzzle from HEXA-PLEX is guaranteed to make an impression, and it is great fun too.

Uniquely, once this puzzle has been completed you can use the mountings to display it on any wall in your home.
Or why not complement your purchase with a HEXA-PLEX display stand for your desk, mantlepiece or shelf.

Unlike any other puzzle, you can take on this challenge again and again.
Simply remove all of the magnetic pieces and start again. No Glue. No additional frames.

Presented in a luxury presentation box, this is the perfect gift or collectable item.

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