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Whether you’re a collector, fanatic, or parent searching for your child’s favourite character, musician or sporting idol, here at HEXA-PLEX we are dedicated to surpassing your needs by providing the most amazing custom 2D puzzles to suit every want and need.  

Our brilliant and innovative HEXA-PLEX custom 2D puzzles come in so many different formats, as each one is totally unique and individual due to its ability to be fully customised by you. You can choose whatever kind of image or depiction that you would like to see on your 2D custom puzzle, and there’s a near endless list of options to choose from. 

Heartfelt Family Photos 

You can display heartfelt family photos on your 2D custom puzzle, giving the gift of a fun yet challenging puzzle to a loved one on a special occasion. A heartfelt family photo 2D puzzle is sure to put a smile on the faces of your nearest and dearest, as they can treasure it for years to come. 

Favourite Sports Teams 

For avid football, rugby or racing fans that love nothing more than watching their favourite sporting event, a 2D custom puzzle of their favourite team, player or sports person can make for a great entertaining decor piece that can bring their personality into any room. Sports related 2D puzzles are great for teenagers’ bedrooms and man caves alike! 

Stunning Scenery 

If you’ve ever found a stunning scenic setting, whether that’s a tumbling waterfall or a luxurious sandy beach, you probably felt the desire to bottle it up and take it home with you. Well, with a 2D custom puzzle you can do just that – you can use stunning scenery to bring a relaxing feel to any space.